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Used as a synonym for "sexual intercourse" from at least 1511, hence criminal conversation, legal term for adultery from late 18c. Originally "having dealings with others," also "manner of conducting oneself in the world;" specific sense of "talk" is 1580.- Sears Holdings Corp businesses and their respective websites are known for having..... Once upon a time, you could not post a Sears or Kmart deal without someone asking: "What losers shop there anymore? The Shop Your Way Rewards program has increased their popularity on deal sites, so here's a quick-start guide to help understand the deals related to the program.For more in-depth (and official) info, visit their Help section with a heavy emphasis on social networking.

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As a company, we’ve been around group/business chat longer than just about any other company in business today.If you’ve gone chat-first, or you’re considering heading down that path, I encourage you to review and consider these impacts on your own organization. When you need to toss an idea back and forth between a few people, there’s nothing better than chat.

Khloe talked about how she’s very protective of her younger sister, particularly when she’s slammed on the Internet for things like getting lip injections at such a young age.… continue reading »

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I think it's about time to start a thread in which Jewish music fans can turn to for all info that pertains to the Jewish Music (herein JM) industry, and to voice their opinions about everything JM. topic=12202.msg1011279#msg1011279 ) and a thread for Sheet Music ( I know that many JM fans turn to Twitter and other social media outlets for their hock, but DDF is really an ideal lounge to have such discussions.… continue reading »

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